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Lebanese officials deny irregularities after media reports alleged Hezbollah stored weapons at the Beirut airport. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Lebanese lie.
U.S. voters see Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as the better candidate for the economy. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden is a total failure.
A judge on Tuesday modified Donald Trump's gag order, freeing the former president to comment publicly about witnesses and jurors in the criminal trial that led to his felony conviction but keeping others connected to the case off limits for now. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: A good start.


Most Americans are confident that the Social Security system will pay them all of their promised retirement benefits. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Agreeable!
The Biden administration has said it will veto House appropriations bills for the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the State Department. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: A foolish mistake, just before a debate.
Nicholas Burns, the American ambassador to China, is accusing the country of undermining democracy., Newsmax
VOA VIEW: That has been known for some time.
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer on Tuesday demanded that the executive director of the American Muslims for Palestine group turn over any information or documents related to "the funding of pro-Hamas propaganda and illegal encampments" at universities across the country. New York Post
VOA VIEW: A good gesture.
Sergei K. Shoigu, a former defense minister, and Gen. Valery V. Gerasimov, the country’s highest-ranking military officer, were accused of directing attacks against civilians in Ukraine. New York Times
VOA VIEW: As needed.
The Transportation Security Administration set a new record for the most individuals screened in one day by processing 2,996,495 on Sunday Washington Times


State legislators and law enforcement are reviving long-dormant laws criminalizing mask-wearing. Washington Times
In a woke extravaganza, an MSNBC host stepped in to correct her co-host after he used the term "illegal immigrant." Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It is what it is - "illegal immigrant."
A second undocumented Venezuelan man accused of killing a 12-year-old Houston girl was ordered on Tuesday to be held on a $10 million bond. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: As he should.
Tesla has recalled the stainless steel-clad Cybertruck four times since it went on sale November 30. CBS
VOA VIEW: It's a mess.

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"[T]he respondent is suspended immediately from the practice of law in the District of Columbia pending resolution of this matter," a court order said. CBS
VOA VIEW: He is a fool.
The transmissions can unexpectedly downshift to first gear no matter how fast the trucks are going, company says. CBS
VOA VIEW: Be careful.
The advisory issued by Dr. Vivek Murthy came as the U.S. grappled with another summer weekend marked by deadly mass shootings. CBS
VOA VIEW: Guns did not shoot on their own - it's people.


A new study finds that the median retirement savings of people who are 55 is just $50,000. CBS
VOA VIEW: Thanks to Biden.
Home prices are now 47% higher than they were in early 2020, with the median sale price now five times the median household income. CNBC
VOA VIEW: All do to Biden.
Two federal judges have blocked significant parts of President Joe Biden's new student loan repayment plan. CNBC
VOA VIEW: It's nothing new.
Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman said Tuesday the time is not right yet to start lowering interest rates. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Bad news.
The two-day discount event will feature "millions" of deals for members of Amazon's $139-per-year loyalty club. CNBC

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California officials say that 18 carnival guests in Thousand Oaks were temporarily stuck on a Zipper ride after a malfunction at the Conejo Valley Days carnival. FOX News
A 1.6-pound metal alloy from 5,800 pounds of space trash discarded by the International Space Station ripped through the roof and two floors of a Florida home. FOX News
A Chicago woman was last seen on Friday after going missing while on a yoga retreat in the Bahamas, according to the Royal Bahamas Police Force. FOX News

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Assange reached plea deal with the US Department of Justice after spending years in UK prison. FOX News
VOA VIEW: A Biden deal for votes.
The International Criminal Court issued Monday arrest warrants against two top Russian security officials for alleged war crimes in the country's ongoing battle in Ukraine in eastern Europe.  UPI
VOA VIEW: Putin is not scared.
The U.S. government has earmarked nearly $5 million to improve drought monitoring in the western United States, where drought two years ago cost $23.3 billion. UPI
Russian ransomware group LockBit claims it has breached the U.S. Federal Reserve and is threatening to release 33 terabytes of sensitive data, including "Americans' banking secrets," on Tuesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Russia is looking for confrontation.
A federal judge in Florida heard arguments Monday, without issuing a ruling, on whether to impose a limited gag order on former President Donald Trump in his federal classified documents case. UPI
VOA VIEW: The judge punted.

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June 29, 2024

     The Democrat mayors of Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and New York are pressing to meet with President Joe Biden about getting federal help in managing the surge of migrants they say are arriving in their cities with little to no coordination, support or resources from his administration.  Dems want federal help when the problem is eating their resources.

     The leaders say in a letter obtained by The Associated Press that while they appreciate Biden's efforts so far, much more needs to be done to ease the burden on their cities.  Migrants are sleeping in police station foyers in Chicago. In New York, a cruise ship terminal was turned into a shelter. In Denver, the number of migrants arriving has increased tenfold and available space to shelter them has withered. With fewer available work authorizations, these migrants cannot find work that would allow them to get into proper housing. 

     Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, who is leading the coalition, said nearly every conversation he has had with arriving migrants is the same: Can he help them find a job, they ask. "The crisis is we have folks here who desperately want to work. And we have employers here who desperately want to hire them. And we have a federal government that’s standing in the way of employers who want to hire employees who want to work," Johnston said.  Also signing on were the mayors of the country’s four largest cities: Eric Adams of New York, Karen Bass of Los Angeles, Brandon Johnson of Chicago and Sylvester Turner of Houston.

     The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border has vexed the Democrat president, who is seeking reelection in 2024. He is increasingly under fire from members of his own party who are managing the growing number of migrants in their cities. Republicans claim Biden is soft on border security and is allowing too many people to enter the United States.  He has responded by toughening rules at the border meant to curb illegal crossings and by offering work authorizations and other incentives to those who come to the U.S. legally — applying ahead of time and arriving by plane.

     The reason for the ballooning number of migrants in these cities is complicated, but economic and climate-related hardships in their home countries are key drivers. There are increasing numbers of families arriving and asking for asylum.  Some conservative-leaning states have sent migrants to so-called sanctuary cities such as New York or Chicago, where laws are more favorable to noncitizens. But that alone does not explain why the cities are facing such increases.