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Maria Bartiromo will interview President Trump on Fox Business on Sunday morning -- his first since the election. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Interesting to watch.
Lists of names of those the president-elect is said to be considering are flying across Washington, prompting lawmakers and interest groups to raise questions about some top contenders. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Fools looking for a mad job.
Some of the president-elect’s choices for top posts have done work for undisclosed corporate clients and aided a fund that invests in government contractors. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Most will fail ethics test.


The affected voters face losing their voice in the election after following state guidance that was promoted widely, including by the president.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Worth it, if Trump wins.
The Tenth Amendment states that "powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." That's supposed to be a comfort for citizens, to keep the big boot of federal government at bay. ... Washington Times
Michael T. Flynn, President Trump's former national security adviser, denied the outcome of the recent White House race in a rare interview released Saturday billed as his first since being pardoned. Mr. Flynn, whom Mr. Trump pardoned Wednesday, said he believes Mr. Trump won his race for reelection contrary to ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Trump won.
He was the target of a secret surveillance warrant during the FBI investigation. ABC
VOA VIEW: The FBI crossed the line.
Iran’s supreme leader is calling for “definitive punishment” of those behind the killing of a scientist linked to Tehran’s disbanded military nuclear program ABC
VOA VIEW: Iran is taking a big chance.
A group of Black firefighters in a North Carolina city has filed a grievance citing racism and discrimination they have endured for more than 30 years ABC
VOA VIEW: Looking for a free ride.


Black Friday hit a new record with consumers spending $9.0 billion, an increase of 21.6% year over year. ABC
If you've heard of Gregory, it might have been this summer, as Black Lives Matter protesters marched through the capital. CBS
President Trump is now demanding that President-elect Joe Biden prove he actually won the election. While Mr. Trump and his campaign repeatedly insist the race was rigged, court ruling after court ruling has upheld the outcome. Ben Tracy reports after the Trump campaign suffered another legal setback, when three Republican-appointed judges offered a stinging rebuke to the campaign's push to challenge the results in Pennsylvania. CBS
VOA VIEW: Most Americans believe the election was rigged.
"We will not get a reprieve because then Christmas comes and then New Year comes," Rush University Medical Center's Dr. Meeta Shah said. CBS

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Traffic at stores on Black Friday fell by 52.1% compared with last year, according to preliminary data from Sensormatic Solutions, as consumers opted for shopping online. CNBC
VOA VIEW: This will be bad for the future.
The strong online shopping data reflects that many consumers are avoiding malls and buying gifts from their couch during the coronavirus pandemic. CNBC
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit Saturday night from US Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republicans, after they had tried to invalidate absentee voting and block the certification of votes in recent weeks. CNN


At a Saturday campaign stop in Marietta, Georgia, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel attempted to persuade Republicans to vote in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, even as voters expressed ambivalence about expanding "money and work when it's already decided." CNN
VOA VIEW: It's important that all Republicans' vote.
In an interview with "60 Minutes," former Department of Homeland Security official Chris Krebs reacts to voter fraud claims from President Donald Trump's team, saying "American people should have 100 percent confidence in their vote." CNN
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts liberals.
The Supreme Court declined to hear the case on Friday of a Louisiana Pastor who is facing criminal charges for defying coronavirus restrictions by holding large Church services.  FOX News
Twenty-six Pennsylvania lawmakers have called for state leaders to vacate certification of presidential electors. UPI
The U.S. Department of Justice opened the door this week to alternative methods of executing prisoners, including death by firing squad, to go into effect before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office. UPI

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The president of Iran has blamed Israel for the assassination on Friday of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and vowed retaliation. UPI
VOA VIEW: Iran is pushing trouble.

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November 29, 2020

    Biden is too stupid to realize he was duped.  Friday’s apparent assassination of the founder of Iran’s nuclear weapons program wasn’t just a setback for the regime’s nuclear ambitions — it was a timely reminder that the Iran nuclear deal was built on Iranian deception from the start.

     In May 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dramatically revealed to the world the existence of a secret Iranian nuclear archive — a curation of Iran’s past work on nuclear weapons, which had never been disclosed to international inspectors or nuclear deal negotiators. The archive contained a treasure trove of documents and computer files, including information on the organizational structure of Iran’s nuclear workSitting at the top of Iran’s nuclear food chain was Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. “Remember that name, Fakhrizadeh,” Netanyahu said at the time. For those who forgot, a brief refresher.

     Fakhrizadeh was the founder of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, known as the Amad Plan — charged with building some of the world’s deadliest weapons for the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. In 2011, he broke off to lead a secretive organization called the Organization for Defensive Innovation and Research, commonly referred to by its Persian acronym of SPND. In 2014, the Obama administration declared SPND as “primarily responsible for research in the field of nuclear weapons development” and accused Fakhrizadeh’s new organization of taking over “activities related to Iran’s undeclared nuclear program.”

     Last year, the State Department revealed that SPND has employed as many as 1,500 individuals, including nuclear weapons scientists associated with the Amad Plan. These scientists “continue to carry out dual-use research and development activities, of which aspects are potentially useful for nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons delivery systems.”