Sen. Ted Cruz confronted Secretary of State Antony Blinken about child brides being brought to the United States from Afghanistan. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Blinken is a loser and fraud.
As the economy slows, China's crackdown on the rich and famous may be an attempt to distract from ordinary families' anxiety over their children's future. LA Times
VOA VIEW: China plays hardball.
While America's fear-mongers are going nuts over the rise in COVID-19 cases among kids, here’s some ugly perspective: More Chicago minors have died this year from gunshots than from COVID. New York Post
VOA VIEW: A real shame.


Arizona is the first state to sue President Joe Biden and his administration over the controversial COVID-19 vaccine mandates for federal employees and private workers announced last week. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The courts will decide the mandate issue.
In a sign of his concerns, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer also gathered commanders to remind them of the safeguards in the nuclear launch procedures. New York Times
VOA VIEW: A book with half truths and deception.
Several big details remain to be worked out before an international October deadline. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Liberal make believe.
Sen. Bob Menendez blasted the White House over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and threatened to subpoena Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: Menendez is calling it the way it is.
Apple broadcast its event Tuesday from its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., where the tech giant unveiled its next iPhone.       USA Today
The Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an effort by the state Senate to keep secret records of its ongoing review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County that are in the possession of the contractors conducting the recount. The high court without comment rejected the appeal filed ... Washington Times


President Biden on Tuesday pitched his nearly $4 trillion economic agenda by touting it as a solution to climate change. “Disasters aren’t going to stop,” Mr. Biden said. “That’s the nature of the climate threat. But we know what we have to do. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Stupidity!
The Justice Department on Tuesday announced sweeping restrictions on when federal law enforcement agents can use chokeholds and “no-knock” warrants. The new policy prohibits federal agents from using chokeholds unless the use of deadly force is necessary, which is when an agent believes the “subject of such force poses an ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: What if needed in self defense?
A Texas county declared a state of disaster Monday over illegal immigrants and COVID-19 exposure and adopted a policy barring them from being transported into or through the jurisdiction until they’ve gotten a new test showing they’re free of the coronavirus. Kinney County, which includes a sliver of the Mexican ... Washington Times
Attorney General Merrick B. Garland on Monday announced new rules for how the federal government will monitor reforms by local law enforcement agencies under the Justice Department's crackdown on police misconduct. Mr. Garland discussed the changes, which include budget and term limits, during a virtual conference hosted by the International ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Federal takeover of local law enforcement.

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Nicholas made landfall in Texas early Tuesday as a Category 1 hurricane before weakening to a tropical storm. ABC
VOA VIEW: Louisiana is still recovering from Ida.
Senate Democrats have introduced their latest version of a sweeping election reform bill to counter voting restrictions that have passed in GOP-led states. ABC
VOA VIEW: Dems want to steal votes in all elections.
Justice Breyer says the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision allowing Texas to effectively ban abortion across the state was “very bad” but not politically motivated. ABC


The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan even as some Americans and Afghans continue desperate efforts to get out. ABC
VOA VIEW: Blinken falsely blames Trump for Biden and his stupidity.
There is already evidence the terror group's militants are returning to Afghanistan, says CIA deputy director David Cohen. CBS
VOA VIEW: Thanks to Biden and his gang.
The first two stimulus payments lifted 11.7 million people out of poverty, the analysis found. CBS
VOA VIEW: Blame the Dems.
Online retailer said the new transportation and fulfillment jobs may include sign-on bonuses of up to $3,000. CBS
VOA VIEW: Hard for small companies to complete.
The August consumer price index, while still showing a significant jump in inflation, came in less than feared. CNBC

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The supply of homes for sale is near a record low, and the gap between supply and demand is widening as homebuilders struggle to keep up. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Biden has made is foolish for builders to invest.
The average tax rate for households with $1 million or more in income would rise to 37.3% from 30.2% in 2023, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation. CNBC
VOA VIEW: All will be hurt.
About 78% of Hispanic families received stimulus payments over the last year and a half, compared with 96% of white respondents, according to a recent survey. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Too many illegals.

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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy warned Tuesday that U.S. consumer confidence could drop if lawmakers don't raise the debt ceiling soon. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Their only worried about their own bottom line.
More than 160 Stanford University professors have signed an open letter to the U.S. attorney general asking that the Justice Department to end the China Initiative, citing concerns that it harms the U.S.’s competitiveness and fuels racial biases.  FOX News
Former high school football coach Joe Kennedy is asking the Supreme Court to intervene after a prolonged legal battle over his decision to pray after games. FOX News
President Biden was met with protesters speaking out against his handling of Afghanistan and mandatory vaccinations when he landed in Sacramento, California, to campaign for Gov. Gavin Newsom. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Smart protesters.
Active-duty units of the U.S. Army must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 15 or face discipline, the branch announced Tuesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: Good way to destroy the US military.
The Biden administration announced Monday that starting Tuesday it will accept new applications to bring minors from Central American countries into the United States. UPI
VOA VIEW: Mass way to get more illegals.

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